Developing The EntrepreneurApp in Any Business Environment

Developing The EntrepreneurApp in Any Business Environment
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What is an Entrepreneur Application?

Software that finds that opportunity or, in the least helps you generate economically viable ideas?

Entrepreneurship is loosely defined as the discovery of opportunities and the subsequent risk taken to create new economic activity.

I think a software program of this sort is difficult to develop because the entrepreneurial process has a very tricky first part, the discovery of opportunity. No one computer program or application can accurately generate ideas suitable for each economy, demographic or, could it?

What I call the Entrepreneur Application is initiated from within us through our life experiences. The huge resource centre that is our memories and encounters we have through vocation or avocation.

This can be exploited quite easily in the following ways:

Be alert!

Wherever you are. What we use as products or services are outcomes of alertness by their creators. Richard Branson founded Virgin Atlantic Airlines after he was stranded on an island with no flights going out. He chartered a plane and made everyone who was stuck with him at the airport pay for the express flight.

Then, boom! Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

He saw the opportunity in new flying routes and times. Here in Botswana, the founder of lifestyle apparel brand Urban Soul began selling clothes from his hostel. The young entrepreneur saw a gap in the provision of genuine apparel within the Hip Hop culture and took that economic risk.


Hopefully, your alertness has led you to what you think is a great business venture and you need to develop it. This requires something that we do not like, self-criticism. But, if we are to be successful we need to be pragmatic in the way we execute our ideas. Whether it’s a new product/service, a new process or product enhancement, you have to know about the industry. It does not have to be a 20-page document written ‘market research’ but if you are planning to risk your money you might need some insight.

Consider your first cellphone.


It was new, like your idea.

It had a user manual of ‘How, what, where’ just as papers, books; industry experts have some information about your business idea. Secondly, like most of us did with the manual, you do not have to look through everything in the beginning. Just get an idea of how it works and see if you are comfortable with practising what you have learnt. This is the essence of exploring the Entrepreneur App.

Endure/ Enjoy.

The two in one part of activating the EntrepreneurApp compels you to put on a smile as you toil. Napoleon Bonaparte said,

“Victory belongs to the most persevering”

This is a mantra you ought to chant in your heart every day. The most successful entrepreneurs speak of their losses more than their victories because they almost never made it. There are sleepless nights and doubts involved in the process. I think endurance and enjoyment have a reciprocal effect on each other in that, if you enjoy what you do, you will endure the setbacks. You have to come to terms with losses and admit any poor decision making on your part. Being content, believing that in your persevering, a victory shall come.

The entrepreneurial process cannot be summed up in five hundred words but today I give you the art part of the process, without belabouring about business plans, marketing strategy, overhead costs and all the other business jargon. Install and activate your Entrepreneur App today.

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