ZTA Predict US$50 Million into Zimbabwe Economy Through Harare Carnival

ZTA Predict US$50 Million into Zimbabwe Economy Through Harare Carnival
Karikoga Kaseke at the Harare International Carnival Press Briefing

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Karikoga Kaseke on a press briefing predicted no less than US$50 million into Zimbabwe economy through the Harare International Carnival.

Harare’s fifth edition carnival has been postponed to 15-20 October after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) indicated that they will be hosting the Commissioner’s Fun Fair on Saturday 13 October.

“Basically what we are simply saying is that we want to make this the mother of all carnivals and we are predicting that this year’s carnival should bring in no less than US$50 million,” Kaseke said.

“We want it now to attract not only groups that are coming from Zambia as carnivals, we want the carnival to attract people  who are not part of the carnival groups, who are coming to watch the carnival and we think that it’s going to have more impact on the economy.”

Kaseke said that the Harare International Carnival has economic benefits which became lesser last year.

“In 2017 we got US$22 million, so it’s not like we are just doing it and they are no economic benefits,” Kaseke said.

“What I remember is that in 2015 when we looked at the economic impacts of the carnival we got $US30 million We got 30 million not come to the carnival but coming to the economy.”

The Brazilian carnival drew 1.1 million tourists in 2017 and had an economic impact of US$912 million according to to the south American country’s local media.

The just inaugurated Minister of Tourism, Prisca Mupfumira endorsed the Harare International Carnival on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe.

“My expectations are high for this year’s edition and judging from the footage and reports that I have seen and read, the organisers Zimbabwe Tourism Authority have a tall order to match,” Mupfumira said.

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