ZCTU Plans A Court Case Over A Tax Increase Demonstration

ZCTU Plans A Court Case Over A Tax Increase Demonstration
Image Credit: VOA Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) is planning to approach the courts after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) banned a protest against the government’s fiscal measures over cholera issue.

ZCTU today called on the Zimbabweans to join in the demonstration across the country on Thursday 11 October to demand the reversal of the 2 cents per dollar tax, that the union accuses of causing high price hikes.

“We will instruct our lawyers to urgently approach the courts,” ZCTU says on twitter. “It is a good test for all to see if we abide by our constitution and if the courts will abide by the same.”

“If it fails we will announce the next option which is more potent than the demonstration.”

In a press conference, ZCTU says it is deeply disappointed by the measures announced by both fiscal and monetary authorities that will worsen the plight of workers and Zimbabweans in general.

“The new measures, instead of solving the economic crisis that the country faces, increases taxation and fail to find solutions amongst a host of issues affecting workers and the general public,” a ZCTU representative said.

“The introduction of a two per cent tax on every dollar on all electronic transactions which has a direct effect of overburdening the already overtaxed and underpaid workers.”

“We are chiefly frustrated with the policy directive of separating the Foreign Currency Account (FCA) from the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) accounts which amount to treachery by the monetary authority who assured account holders that the US Dollar was equal to the bond note. Workers and individuals who had earned their salaries in US Dollars are bound to be prejudiced by the distinction of accounts.”

In response to the ZCTU’s demonstration, ZRP Senior Staff Officer Assistant Commissioner (Public Relations) P. Nyathi said the directive by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to ban public gatherings in the Central Business Districts and other public areas still stands.

“The on-going operation by local authorities and other stakeholders has indicated that the cholera outbreak is not yet over particularly in Harare,” Nyathi said. “Members of the public are accordingly warned that if anything turns nasty those organising the demonstrations will be held responsible, especially with regards to the maintenance of law and order.”

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