Consumers Rush for Products Despite The President’s “Do Not Panic” Message

Consumers Rush for Products Despite The President's "Do Not Panic" Message
A notice in one of the retail supermarkets in Harare

Consumers seem to be opposing President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s message of not panicking as they are rushing to purchase basic commodities on the latest panic buying in Harare’s retails.

The African President said last week told Zimbabweans that there is no need to panic and the government is guaranteeing the availability of all essential commodities including fuel.

“I have read your comments and understand the difficulties many face, and Government will do all in its power to minimise them,” Zimbabwe’s leader said on his official Facebook page.

“We are already taking the lead by cutting back on unnecessary spending.”

In a snap survey by on the latest panic buying today around 7:00 am, police intervened and managed consumers who were already waiting at an entrance of a retail supermarket along Harare street into a queue before opening the retail opened door for the customers.

Consumers are targeting sugar as fears of basic commodities loom amongst the Zimbabwean citizens.

“Shamwari ka unofanira ku order zvinhu zve 2 months nekuti zvinogona kupera,” (My friend you should purchase commodities for a two months period because they can run out) a consumers shopping at a retail along Mbuya Nehanda said.

A supermarket along the same street erected a notice reading, “To our valid customer! One (1) products per customer. Thank you.”

Although the President said the government is guaranteeing the availability of all essential commodities including fuel cooking, reporter noted the absence of cooking oil in supermarkets while two of the surveyed retails lacked sugar.

Fuel queues are also looming at the Harare service stations despite the government’s assurance to Zimbabweans that basic commodities and other essentials like fuel will be available to cater for normal demand by customers.

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