Zimbabwe Should Opt China for Assistance: Former CZI President

Zimbabwe Should Opt China for Assistance: Former CZI President
Image Credit: South China Morning Post

Former president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Joseph Kanyekanye has said the southern African country should be looking on China for assistance during the Zimbabwe-China Industrialisation workshop.

The former industries leader said the new dispensation shifted from China to the West for assistance when things changed in the political arena in Zimbabwe.

“I think that focus in our view, if you look at what has happened, now suggests that things have changed,” Kanyekanye said.

“I think they are mixed reactions on elections and those mixed reactions on elections plus the ZiDERA issues that came through from the US suggest that Zimbabwe now should probably be looking at China in terms of what needs to be done going further on.”

The Executive Chairman of Alliance Holdings said it’s unlikely that the so-called assistance from the west will be a major factor.

“So far I can say without any fear of contradiction, I am not aware of any western investment that has place in this country since November 2017,” Kanykanye said.

“I am aware of Chinese projects that have come through here.”

“We are all aware of the projects that have happened in Kariba. We are aware of certain money that was put in on several projects,” Kanyekanye went on.

Zimbabwe and China business relations were boosted after the southern African country started following the Look East policy.

The new dispensation has been trying to re-engage with the west after a decade of stringent relations characterized by sanctions on Zimbabwe following the land reform program.

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