Every Problem Demands, Create Opportunities!

Every Problem Demands, Create Opportunities!
Image: Ovayo Ntabati

Generally, our country currently posses more problems for workers and entrepreneurs. It’s up to us as entrepreneurs to look into what can be done to benefit from it. Zimbabwe is not the worst country in the world and there are countries that have been in worse of positions than us. Taiwan is one of those countries. They made it without help from the World Bank or International monetary fund.

We can complain about it or do something productive about it. Attitude matters in circumstances like these. The 2% tax is too much indeed. But whether you like or not it is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere for now. Pity to those that were in the business of collecting money on behalf of organizations such as debt collectors, they are out of business.

Upon reading on the history of Taiwan I realized one thing that made them grow which was the small to medium enterprises. The entrepreneurs began to make substitutes to all the products that the nation was importing. For us, as a country, we don’t necessarily have to make substitutes but we need to grow from the position where entrepreneurship is all about buying and selling.

The problems encroaching our economy today requires an end to rent-seeking behavior and rise of productive and innovative behavior. Of course, we may have big companies shut down but are there no small scale entrepreneurs who can do what these big companies could do. This is the time that entrepreneurs are growing and coming out. Let’s embrace it and rise. The blame game will give us no bread on the table.


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