US Calls For National Dialogue in Zimbabwe

US Calls For National Dialogue in Zimbabwe
Image Credit: Bulawayo 24

The United States is calling for a national dialogue in Zimbabwe, which has witnessed civil unrest as the economy of the country continues to face challenges.

Zimbabwe is facing fuel challenges, that has led to long queues at filling stations. As well, liquidity constraints and foreign currency shortages that are making it difficult for companies to access raw material.

“The United States calls on all sides to come together immediately in national dialogue,” Robert J. Palladino, Deputy Spokesperson Bureau of Public Affairs said in a Press Statement. 

“The dialogue process must be credible, inclusive, and mediated by a neutral third part.”

Calls for national dialogue have been intensifying in Zimbabwe among various groups including Civil Society Organisations, Religions and Non-Governmental Organisations.

The Churches are expecting the dialogue to create peace after violent demonstration led to the death of at least 12 people.

CSOs and NGOs are expecting unity amongst the Zimbabwean after a dialogue.

Other groups are also expecting the dialogue to bring economic recovery to the Southern African nation.

The Zimbabwe President invited political parties to a for a national dialogue which was boycotted by his other political opponents.

The President did not attend a dialogue meeting called for by the Churches and sent delegates to the forum instead.

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