Zimbabwe President Officially Opens the Zimbabwe International Research Symposium

Zimbabwe President Officially Opens the Zimbabwe International Research Symposium
Image Credit: Zimbabwe Situation

President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially opened the 12th Zimbabwe International Research Symposium 2019 (ZIRS) in Harare today.

The symposium ran from the 12th to the 15th of February 2019 under the theme The Nexus Between Research Industry: Key to Innovation and Sustainable Development Research.

“The nexus between research and every facet of human development as well as the importance of research to the continued growth and development of our country cannot be overemphasised,” the President said. “Research is at the very heart of our decision-making process.”

“The decisions for the direction of a nation cannot be made in a vacuum and government needs scientific research, finding embedded in all aspect spheres of our economy.

The Zimbabwean leader said his administration remains committed to supporting. As well, give platforms to enhance the nexus between the country’s growth trajectory and research across all sectors of the economy.

The President also urged the Research Council of Zimbabwe to be more robust in the coordination, promotion, and supervision of research throughout the country.

“Research efforts across all sectors of our economy must take a substantial and vital contribution to the development of our country,” the President said.

“It is therefore integral that all stakeholders identify research aspects whose output has the potential to help reduce world-class goods and services within their specific fields.”

ZIRS is an international event dedicated to showcasing the latest scientific research results, networking and creating smart partnerships.

The Symposium is also a platform for identifying gaps and challenges faced by sectors in the development of targeted abstracts and evidence-based strategies.

“We are indeed an educated, disciplined, and creative nation but this is no longer enough without research,” the President said.

“Today research is becoming more and more competitive as an essential driver to the growth and prosperity of any nation.”

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