Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights Situation Zimbabwe Remains Extremely Precarious in Zimbabwe: EU

Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights Situation Zimbabwe Remains Extremely Precarious in Zimbabwe: EU
Image Credit: Bulawayo 24

European Union, in a statement on human rights, has said its assessment is that the situation of human right and fundamental freedoms in Zimbabwe remains extremely precarious.

The death of 12 people following protests in January this year put the Zimbabwean government under scrutiny on issues to do with human rights.

“Following the increase of fuel prices, triggering violent protests, the repression by security forces against demonstrators, trade unions, civil society, opposition supporters and reports of gender based violence has raised considerable international concern,” EU says.

“The EU underlines the urgent need for the government to address the findings and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry set up by President Mnangagwa in response to last August’s post-election violence and to ensure that those responsible for the violence in August and the beginning of this year are held accountable.”

Western countries including the EU states imposed Zimbabwe under sanctions accusing the Southern African country of undermining fundamental freedoms.

The African country has been on trying to engage the European Union and the international community for more conducive relationships.

“The EU calls on the government to address the recommendations from the EU Election Observation mission,” the Statement from the EU says.

“We reiterate our ambition to support Zimbabwe in implementing concrete political and economic reforms, but for these reforms to stand the test of time they require an environment ensuring an inclusive national dialogue, through which citizens can exercise their freedoms of assembly, association and expression.”

Better relations between Zimbabwe and the EU could ensure the removal sanctions which are blamed for pulling down Zimbabwe’s economy.

Zimbabwe also expects to lure more investors into the industrial sector by creating better relations with the EU.

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