ZETDC Denies Reports on Tariff Increase

ZETDC Denies Reports on Tariff Increase
Image Credit: Southern Eye

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has denied reports of increasing tariffs calling such information as false.

The electricity distribution company blamed the social media of reports that it will be increasing electricity tariffs by 150% starting Friday 15 March 2019.

“ZETDC would like to express its concern over the malicious social media messages that are urging consumers to buy electricity in bulk in order to beat a purported 150% increase in the price of power.” the company says.

“The power utility urges consumers to disregard the misleading social media messages that are creating unnecessary panic buying and inconvenience to consumers.”

Although ZETDC denies reports of growing rates, a local independent press reports that the power utility is considering increasing electricity tariffs by as much as 30% to reflect the rise in production costs following the devaluation of the local currency last month.

“Basically, what we are looking at is that we need to look at the implications of the monetary policy before we can then put scenarios,” ZETDC commercial services manager, Richard Mariwa is quoted.

“Right now, we are still discussing with the relevant authorities to find out the implications of the monetary policy on the tariffs.”

Zimbabwe has witnessed inflation going up and by January this year, it was 65.9 per cent.

ZETDC urge consumers to disregard the “misleading” social media messages that are “creating unnecessary panic buying and inconvenience to consumers.”

“Tariff increase is a process that is not haphazardly implemented but is done through a thorough consultative process in consultation with consumers, the regulator and shareholder, among other key stakeholders,” ZETDC says.

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