Mozambique Reopens Zimbabwe Route to the Sea

Mozambique Reopens Zimbabwe Route to the Sea
Image Credit: Supermaritime Group

Mozambique has resumed the Beira corridor that connects Zimbabwe to the Indian Ocean, the route that had been closed due to Cyclone Idai.

The Road to Beira was not accessible due to the flooding around 100km away from Beira according to the Business Development Officer Cornelder de Mozambique (Port of Beira) Mudiwa Mupfanochiya.

“Beira port is operational following the Cyclone IDAI which devastated the Central Regional of Mozambique on the 14th March,” Mupfanochiya said. “Cyclone IDAI caused extensive wind and water damage to the city and surrounding areas with the death toll over 400 people.”

“In addition to loss of lives, there was significant damage to all communication and road infrastructures.”

The Beira Port, which is Zimbabwe’s closest Seagate, sustained only limited damage as preparations were made in advance to protect all equipment’s, machinery and cargo according to the Business Development Officer.

“On the General Cargo Terminal, the warehouses suffered severe roof damage and are undergoing repairs,” Mupfanochiya said. “On the quay side the Fenders on the quays were swept away but have now been replaced and quays are fully functional.”

“On the Container Terminal, no full containers were damaged as they were stacked low or in pyramid shape. The Gantry Cranes withstood the storm well thanks to extensive tie down efforts before the storm.”

“The Terminal’s information and communication systems that were switched off and relocated to safe areas as a preventative measure, are back online and are fully functional.”

Zimbabwe as a landlocked country has to rely on Mozambique and South Africa for services which need access to the sea.

The landlocked country gets fuel through the Feruka pipeline that passes through Mozambique as well as fiber optics for high-speed broadband internet connectivity which also connect to the sea through Beira.

“The Fuel terminal has also concluded emergency repairs and is operational,” said Mupfanochiya. “Customs Electronic systems have also been restored and are working normally.”

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