City of Harare Plans Another Murambatsvina

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Image Credit: Voice of Africa

The City of Harare (HCC) may engage in the demolition of uncertified buildings around Zimbabwe’s capital.

The city council will also be targeting low-density suburbs including Borrowdale West, Belvedere West and Waterfalls among other places.

“The City of Harare is aware that various identified suburbs in areas without Certificates of Compliance have completed building structures which are occupied without approval of the Building Plans in violation of the Model Building By-Laws of 1977” reads the statement.

“Terms of our Development Control Officers and Buildings Inspectors will soon be visiting all affected Suburbs making door to door Inspections of such properties.”

The Ministry of Environment has been complaining of building which are been constructed on wetlands destroying the water sources in Harare.

“Residents are kindly advised to co-operate with our Inspectors who will be carrying official identification particular,” the City of Harare says.

“Failure to comply may result in demolition of such structures and any costs incurred will be recovered from the property owners.”

“Regularisation will not be allowed for properties that were developed on schools, institutions, wetlands and environmentally sensitive sites.”

Harare City Council has destroyed buildings which it tagged illegal in Harare under various operations.

Zimbabwe’s demotion of houses once led to an outcry with families and children having no place to lay their heads.

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