Poor Packaging Let Down Zimbabwe Quality Products

Poor Packaging Let Down Zimbabwe Quality Products
A Zimbabwean Product on the market

Industry and Commerce Secretary Dr Mavis Sibanda yesterday described Zimbabwean products as healthy revealing her mind that manufacturers could be using proper raw materials from agriculture and mining.

The secretary, who was answering a question on the quality of Zimbabwean products said (customers might) think that the quality (of products) is bad because (they) are looking at the packaging.

“So our packaging is not up to standard but what is inside the packaging, to tell the truth, it is very good especially the food products,” Sibanda said.

“Personally, I think there is a lot to be done in terms of packaging because at times you look at the packaging and the packaging can tell you a story.”

The Secretary went on to explain that Zimbabweans are not using GMOs and other products which will cause a lot of problems.

“So you might think they (products) are of bad quality but they are not fake,” Sibanda explained.

“Maybe you might think that the quality is bad because you are looking at the packaging.”

“People want GMO products… Yes they might look nice might be good but some of these products will cause a lot of problems,” Sibanda went on.

Highlighting more on the quality of Zimbabwean products, Florence Makuvane from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said the Government of Zimbabwe is at a consultative stage of coming up with National Quality Policy Framework.

Makuvane encouraged Zimbabwean manufacturers to be certified with the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ), a voluntary organisation which guarantees safe products in the country.

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