Tourism Sector Feels Heat As Zimbabwe Economic Woes Worsen

Tourism Sector Feels Heat As Zimbabwe Economic Woes Worsen
TBCZ President, Winnie Muchanyuka at a media briefing

Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe (TBCZ) is concerned with the economic situation, the council president Winnie Muchanyuka has revealed at the quarterly media and members briefing in Harare today.

Zimbabwe’s economic woes, which have continued in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s term from the Robert Mugabe era, have resulted in price increases of basic goods in the country.

“I am not alone in stating that we are going through what can best be described as challenging times for all Zimbabweans, and it is a time of great worry and concern for all of us,” Muchanyuka said.

“As individuals and as business people, we face a range of challenges each day, including an escalating cost of living and working, as well as shortages of essential commodities and inputs such as fuel and power.”

The TBCZ boss also raised a concern at the effect of the economic situation on the people who work in the tourism industry and their families in Zimbabwe.

 “Like other sectors, we are concerned at the effects of the on-going economic problems on our ability to remain viable and operational, but we know that with the resourceful and energetic people we have in this sector, we shall continue to strive to do so,” Muchanyuka said.

“Many great minds are focused on this worrying situation and the problems that make it so.”

“What I would like to say to them all is that we in travel and tourism welcome engagement with the authorities at all levels and in all areas of endeavour, and we offer ourselves as partners when and where we can provide meaningful co-operation and help.”

The Government introduced, what has been deemed austerity measures to rebuild the economy of Zimbabwe.

Austerity measures, which include widening the tax base and cutting Government deficit have been criticized for hurting the ordinary people.

Vice President of Zimbabwe Constantine Chiwenga is on record castigating the business community for increasing prices of basic goods and called such as an act of economic sabotage.

The country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) is, however hopeful that the economy is going to stabilise with officials promising inflation stability by October this year.

“The travel and tourism sector is doing the best it can to remain viable and operational, and to play the all-important role of hosting international visitors to this country who bring to us the essential foreign currency that we need to facilitate daily living, economic performance and economic growth,” Muchanyuka said.

“It is our hope that growth in tourist arrivals experienced over the past two years can be sustained and even increased in the coming months and years, and what is needed for this to happen is for the travel and tourism sector to be nurtured and encouraged to play a role.”

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