Chivi Community Outrages Over Murowa Diamond

Chivi Community Outrages Over Murowa Diamond
Image Credit: Murowa Diamonds

Chivi community has called the government to compel business actors to contribute to real economic growth and said failure of that can lead to negative externalities, environmental damage, pollution and negative social patterns around operations, which are rarely quantified.

The 100 community members, on a Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) conference, called the government to urgently review, enact and enforce strong policy and legal frameworks that support contract disclosure.

“For citizens, parliamentarians and other relevant stakeholders to monitor and analyze the public benefit from contract deals, contracts must be made publicly available,” the team says.

“Contract disclosure has the potential to reduce corruption, fraud and other negative impacts that inhibit socio-economic growth.”

Community members also say they are outraged by the noise pollution caused by Murowa Diamonds operating in Sese and close to the local school, a situation that has affected students’ academic performance.

The members say it is deeply concerned with mining investment in the community which is totally opposed to the principles of good practices on business and human rights.

The residents also say they are disheartened by the lack of engagement and a grievance resolving mechanism between the mining company and the local community.

One other thing the community says is that it is saddened by the lack of clarity on Murowa’s longevity in diamond prospecting in the area which dates to more than 20 years ago with no tangible investment in the local community.

Besides the Chivi community, villagers living near the Murowa Diamond mine in the Zvishavane district allege that periodic heavy blasting vibrations to extract diamonds cause serious cracks damaging buildings.

Residents of Murowa, Indaba, Mutambi, Mhototi, and Davira revealed they have endured the cracks since Murowa started diamond production in 2004 according to local press.

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