Bank Workers Plan A Slow Down Due To Economic Constraints

Bank Workers Plan A Slow Down Due To Economic Constraints
Image Credit: The Zimbabwe Independent

Workers from three financial institutions, POSB, Standard Chartered and First Capital Bank, yesterday wrote letters to their employers informing the organisations of a slowdown due to the economic conditions facing Zimbabwe.

The workers, however, deny that their action is a collective job action, and say it is a measured response to the challenges the employees are facing.

“This situation is now unbearable. We therefore advise that from now… workers will report for as and when they have transport fares and or breakfast and lunch,” the workers say in the letters to the employers.

“Alternatively, most of your workers will start sleeping and staying at workplaces from Mondays to Saturdays in order not to abscond from work.”

The letters advise bank employers that most of the employees are now unable to buy food enough for a week from their salaries, let alone paying rentals and rates risking possibility of evictions.

“The majority are failing not only to meet committed school fees payment plans for their children, but the situation is being further worsened by the top-up requests in foreign currency.” the employees say.

“In addition, the majority are nolonger able to pay for transport to and from work. Those able are not able to buy lunch and in most days work without eating.”

“The majority of the families of your workers are now living on one meal a day,” say the bank workers.

Zimbabwean workers, who are being paid in RTGS local currency, have faced challenges in buying basic commodities that are increasing prices.

The country’s year-on-year inflation reached 97.85%, the highest after the 2008, this May according to the Zimbabwe Statistical Agency.

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