Economic Challenges Due To Corruption: ZACC Chair

Economic Challenges Due To Corruption: ZACC Chair
Image Credit: Zim Morning Post

Zimbabwe Anit-Corruption Commission (ZACC) chairperson Justice Loice Matanda Moyo has blamed corruption for economic challenges facing Zimbabwe.

The chairperson was presenting steps to combat corruption at a press conference.

“I can confirm that the economic challenges being experienced in this country are mainly as a result of corruption,” Matanda Moyo said.

“Once we join hands in fighting corruption, we will win, and our economic challenges will disappear.”

The chairperson also advised the nation that ZACC has received thirty-eight (38) cases of corruption of which ten (10) are are high profile in nature since appointment into office.

“If ZACC is to deal with every matter reported, then our prisons should be expanded in order to accommodate the culprits,” Matanda Moyo said.

“Whilst other countries are closing their prisons for lack of clients, ‘Zimbabwe Prisons will be open for business'”.

“It is in this vain that our modus operandi as ZACC together with all Zimbabweans is to leave no stone unturned to ensure that everybody who is engaging in corrupt activities is brought to book.”

ZACC boss’ blame strengthens the United States Government’s position that corruption and not sanctions are to be blamed for Zimbabwe’s economic challenges.

The Zimbabwean Government has for years reiterated that sanctions brought down the African nation’s economy.

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