Hard Hit Prosecutors Send Incapacitation Signals As Economy Burns

Hard Hit Prosecutors Send Incapacitation Signals As Economy Burns
Image Credit: The Zimbabwe Mail

Prosecutors Association Zimbabwe (PAZ) has sent a declaration of incapacity to the Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi over the members’ welfare as Zimbabwe’s economy continues to go the bumpy way.

The association says the situation for prosecutors has nosedived due to the harsh economic environments prevailing in Zimbabwe.

“This (situation for prosecutors) has seen our meagre salaries being drastically eroded by high transport costs, food, rentals and medical fees,” the association says.

“As a result, prosecutors are now badly exposed to the extent of even failing to buy lunch. Nonetheless we are still expected to come to work timeously and discharge our duties diligently.”

The declaration follows a pertition PAZ made on the 16th of Mat 2019 raising issues that were affecting the welfare of Prosecuors in the country.

The then raised issues included housing loans, motor vehicle loans, medical aid scheme, hampers, gifts and bonuses, conditions of services, remuneration and allowances.

“Your office made an undertaking to have the issues addressed,” the association says.

“Regrettably the said concerns are yet to be addressed, even our Christmas hampers which are long overdue.”

The prosecutors are also requesting a review of salaries, retention or hardship allowance, grocery vouchers, housing allowances/ subsidised houses, review of transport allowance and fuel allocation.

PAZ propose to report twice a week on a rotational basis as well as to be accommodated together with their families at their workstations as transport costs go up.

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