Doctors Defy Court Orders To Return To Work in 48 Hours

Doctors Defy Court Orders To Return To Work in 48 Hours
Image Credit: VOA Zimbabwe

Striking doctors have defied court orders to return to their duties in 48 hours stating that the verdict does not capacitate medical personnel to start working.

Labour court on Friday, terminated the over one-month-long industrial action by doctors declaring that the strike which started on 3 September 2019 is illegal.

The court then ordered the striking doctors to return to the duties within 48 hours with the employer taking no disciplinary action against the medical practitioners who are demanding better working conditions from the Government.

The order also gave the government permission to take disciplinary action against doctors who do not comply with the court.

Labour court also referred Disputing doctors and the government to arbitration to be dealt with in terms of the Arbitration Act within 14 working days.

Industrial action organisers, updating said the government should at least offer 80 Bond per hour to show seriousness from the 12 RTGS currently offered.

Doctors have in the past rejected a 30% and 60% increase from government citing the rising costs of living in Zimbabwe.

Medical practitioners are likely to meet with the government over the industrial action on Wednesday this week.

The industrial action has become life-threatening with patients reportedly being turned back home without treatment.

Reports say pregnant women and victims of road traffic accidents are dying in medical centres due to lack of enough treatment.

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