Doctors Suspend Masiiwa, Turn Down Mnangagwa’s Offer to Return To work

Doctors Defy Court Orders To Return To Work in 48 Hours
Image Credit: VOA Zimbabwe

Striking doctors have suspended Strive Masiiwa’s organisation salary and also turned down President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s moratorium for the fired medical practitioners to un return to work within 48 hours.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) in a statement says Higher Life Foundation’s offer does not address completely the demands of the doctors for a salary whose value is preserved despite soaring inflation as well as the provision of adequate and appropriate tools of the trade.

“It was posited that the offer from Higherlife may be reconsidered once the stand-off between the ZHDA and its employer (HSB) has been resolved. This recognises the sincerity of the donor group and its desire not to interfere with the negotiation process.” the association says.

“The stipulated time frames and terms and conditions surrounding the offer doesn’t make it a viable long-lasting solution that the doctors are in search of at the moment.”

The doctors rejected President Mnangagwa’s moratorium stating that the offer has nothing new to offer on the table.

“We appreciate the role played by the Catholic bishops which has resulted in the doctors being issued a moratorium, valid for the next 48hrs. Sadly the moratorium has come without a new offer on the table having been communicated to us.” the association says.

“Should this moratorium lapse without the formal communication of an offer that is reasonable, it would stand as yet another gracious privilege that is lost.”

“We would appreciate it more if the bishops talk to the doctor’s representatives first so that they are in an informed position to represent the doctors real interests.”

Masiiwa had offered the doctors each to earn $5000, a smartphone, diagnostic aids, uniforms and a taxi ride from home.

The government has been firing doctors in response to the medical practitioners’ industrial action towards better working conditions, as the economy continued on a downward trend.

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