Doctors Strike Goes Over A Hundred Days

Doctors Strike Goes Over A Hundred Days
Image Credit: Eye Witness

Doctors have gone on industrial action for over a hundred days leaving the health sector paralysed risking the lives of those who cannot afford private institutions for medication.

Yesterday, which was day 104 of the strike, doctors association said it remains resolute in its fight for the achievement of better working conditions and fair remuneration, at a value that is preserved, despite the prevailing harsh economic conditions.

“Contrary to the relentless propaganda, we emphatically reiterate that the situation has not changed in our health institutions. The very few doctors who have returned to their work stations have done so by and large out of fear of victimisation and based on false promises,” the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association says.

“Doctors remain incapacitated without a means to carry out their daily duties and survive. Hospitals remain desperately short of consumables and essential equipment. For more than 3 months there has been no attempt to redress this crisis.”

With the industrial action continuing, reports of doctors who oppose ZHDA’s decision for physicians to remain on industrial action have been appearing on the public.

The rebel doctors, speaking the same voice with the government accuse ZHDA of being funded by other forces to remain on strike.

In response, ZHDA says “It is not unexpected in such settings to witness the formation of splinter groups, each with the aim to cause division, drive personal agendas and worst of all, capitalise on the destitution of the populace.”

“It is against this background that we strongly caution our members to remain vigilant and by all means to distance themselves from such associations that surface at the 11th hour, jeopardizing all progress that has been made through the negotiation process.”

Concerning negotiations with the government, the Ministry of Health and Child Care has recently declared its unwillingness to continue dialogue; a regrettable position given the critical state our health care stands in.

“However, we remain open and willing to continue engaging the Ministry, government and all developmental partners until the poorest citizen of this nation can fully enjoy his/her universally recognised right to health.” the association says

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