Busisa Moyo Replaces Ruth Ncube For The ZITF Chairperson Post

Busisa Moyo Replaces Ruth Ncube For The ZITF Chairperson Post
Image Credit: Zimbabwe Independent

Government has appointed Busisa Moyo as the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company Board.

Minister of Industry & Commerce, Dr Sekai Nzeza who announced the developments said Moyo’s appointment in the ZITF board is in terms of Public Entities and Corporate Governance Act effective 13 March 2020.

“Mr Busisa Moyo takes over from Ms Ruth Ncube whose tenure of office came to an end last year,” Nzenza said.

“He is an accomplished business leader, industrialist, entrepreneur and nation-builder who has been recognised with various awards and accolades both within Zimbabwe and Internationally.”

Moyo, who has been once described as one of the finest minds in Zimbabwe, is one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisors.

He resigned in November last year from his position as a board member of First Capital Bank.

Mnangagwa’s adviser is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of United Refineries Limited and a member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Board.

Besides First Capital Bank, Moyo has served as the Chairman of the Oil Expressers Association of Association, and President of Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI).

Nzenza showed hope of the transformation of ZITF in Moyo.

“The Minister is confident Busisa Moyo’s business acumen and experience will be resourceful in re-positioning, modernizing & transforming ZITF into a formidable regional & international player,” she said in a press statement.

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