Telecommunication Companies To Share Infrastructure

A statutory instrument has been issued that will make it mandatory for telecommunication companies to share infrastructure. The statutory instrument (SI 137 of 2016) was given out by the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services last Friday, the 4th of November. This SI will theoretically bring a slash of mobile tariffs as it will increase competition among all the mobile providers due to a level playing field. The country’s three mobile network providers, Econet Wireless, Netone and Telecel will have to come together and share their infrastructure. The new statutory instrument will largely benefit government owned mobile provider, Netone, which has been struggling while the leading mobile provider, Econet has been posting good growth numbers.

According to Techzim, the statutory instrument states that is has been issued for the following reasons

  1. Eliminate unnecessary duplication of telecommunication infrastructure;
  2. Maximize the use of existing and future telecommunication infrastructure;
  3. Minimize negative public health,safety and environmental impact caused by the proliferation of telecommunication infrastructure installations;
  4. Promote the orderly and effective town and country planning in the provision of telecommunication services;
  5. Ensure the provision of sufficient telecommunication infrastructure in the country;

A PDF copy of the Statutory Instrument 137 of 2016 can be found on this link SI 137.

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