3 Strategies To Maximum Productivity

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Tonderai Mandaza

Almost every client I work with wants (and needs) to be highly productive. Being highly productive not only enables us to get our work done more effectively. There are 3 strategies that can help the business owner to be highly productive.

Productivity Strategy 1: Take Breaks

Most of us have the capacity to stay focused, concentrate well and work hard for about 2-3 hours. After that, our focus, accuracy and creativity tend to drop. Ever notice that first thing in the morning you’re able to work quickly, efficiently, and accurately? Each time you take a 20-30 minute break and recharge yourself, you’re able to return to work in the same state you were first thing in the morning. The secret to maximizing the impact of your breaks is what you do during them.

Productivity Strategy 2: Eat Strategically
You are what you eat! A year ago i made a decision to be a vegetarian, and of course most people think about what to eat in terms of weight loss or general health, i did indeed lose a lot of weight, but nutrition also serves another important purpose. Here’s why it matters.

What we eat and when we eat control our blood sugar levels. When our blood sugar drops too low, our productivity, focus, and creativity suffer. Ever experience a mid-afternoon “crash”? It’s due to a drop in blood sugar. Eating strategically means eating protein, fat, and some carbohydrate during your breaks. This mix controls the pace at which nutrition is absorbed, stabilizes your blood sugar level, and provides essential nutrients to your brain and your muscles.

Productivity Strategy 3: Get Restful Sleep
Getting a sufficient number of hours of restful sleep allows your body to repair itself and your mind to process ideas and problems. Insufficient sleep causes lack of mental sharpness.

In order to get a restful night’s sleep, avoid caffeinated drinks late in the day and avoid eating a heavy, fat-laden, carbohydrate-laden meal late in the evening. Caffeine will keep you from falling asleep quickly and eating a late, heavy meal will cause your body to work hard digesting while you sleep instead of attending to the other tasks necessary for recharging and revitalization.

Managing your energy reserves combined with prioritization of tasks will make you a productivity superstar. Get in the habit of taking breaks every couple of hours, eat strategically throughout the day, and adopt a lifestyle that will allow you to get restful sleep.



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