Why Fadzayi Mahere’s ‘7 Rule’ Makes Personal Development Sense

Fadzayi Mahere has evolved over a brief period of time. A Zimbabwean Advocate of the High Court, she has been a notable figure in the area of Political Activism and to date the vocal Advocate is an influential commentator on an array of Zimbabwean Societal issues. More recently Mahere came under mass Religious scrutiny over her open criticism of Church Leader Walter Magaya’s ‘7 Rule’ in the area of monetary offering under the infamous prosperity teachings. Criticism aside we found a few nuggets in the Advocate’s ‘remix’ so to speak, which she posted earlier this week on her Facebook Profile. The ideas seem simple enough! Divided into a fairly idealistic four Financial lanes.

Regardless of which one might fall under, Mahere offers some basic good ideas in an environment that seems to discourage concrete planning or indulgent personal spending!

So, roll up your sleeves and dig in, here it is:

  • If you have $77, buy some inspirational biographies and start a vision board to keep yourself motivated throughout the year.

  • If you have $770, spruce up your garden with a park bench, new shrubs and a bird bath to make your space more zen and more welcoming as you evolve into the best version of yourself. You will need beautiful surrounds to keep you centred and going when all you wish to do is stop. The new year will not be easy.

  • If you have $7,700, hire a stockbroker or a financial advisor. Make your money work for you passively. Invest in learning how to use money more efficiently.

  • If you have $77,000, buy a fresh property. Devote the year to fixing it up and doubling its market value.

The Advocate then concluded,

“If you want 2017 to be a fabulous year for you, you will have to WORK damn HARD for it…there shall be no quick fixes, no cucumbers, no sewage, no Doom and most of all, no stupidity! If you are to give, do so wisely. Give to the poor and the less fortunate – the return on your investment shall be that they have a better shot at life.”

Hear! Hear !

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