Know Your Worth, Stay In Your Lane!

Know Your Worth, Stay In Your Lane!

Here’s my individual opinion on perfecting your trade.
I have figured we all want to be told what to do. “It would make things much easier” we say. So we reach. For every 10 ways to do this and how to be the best at this. What if I told you that we spend so much time looking too far away? I mean it. Being the next Steve Jobs or a black Bill Gates shouldn’t be an aim for us. I’m not undermining their success or relevance, but perhaps you are undermining your own…

The best people at anything never really took anything from anyone. Maybe advice and conceptions here and there, buy they were led by their own adamant voice in the winning donkey carrot act. At most they are arrogant resolutes. Point? You need to look deep into yourself. Know yourself so well that you are able to tell which parts of you you should It’s as simple as that. When you realize what your dream is, either something you’re good at or are seeking to be the best in, next step is pretty simple, invest your time and resources in perfecting that aspect. Become a continuous work in progress. Stay hungry, foolish and be determined and NEVER take no for an answer. Find out why you are given a no and get to work.

We all have an extent of mental imbalance… I’m not joking! There are really weird things we do. Some of them help us to achieve what we need, and well others just stand in the way of our road map. As such we should know what to discourage from the onset. A simple guide that allows you to flourish is by at starting with the bigger picture of where you want to go, or who you want to be and work backwards in time to what you require to do now. Start where you are, and with what you have. Know your worth and stay in your lane!

Source: Know your worth, Stay in your lane! – Unlimited Edition

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