5 Traits That Make A Great Leader

5 Traits That Makes A Great Leader

What qualities makes a leader? Truly effective leaders are distinguished by sufficient qualities than mere assumed traits. According to Daniel Coleman the following traits are what makes a leader

Self awareness

Emotional intelligence begins with this trait . Self awareness gives one an insight of their weaknesses and equip them. If you want to be a great leader practice high degree of self awareness and refrain from bottling up your weaknesses. For example, someone who understands that he works poorly under pressure will carefully plan his time to meet deadlines. Many business executives or any other looking for potential leaders mistake such candor for ‘wimpiness’.


This pretty underrated skill, one should have great control over their emotions . This attribute stem from self awareness, but there is difference between them. People who possess this trait are able to control their impulses or even channel them for good purposes. Do not have the tendency to glorify your emotions, rather learn to channel them for the good.


A zeal for triumph for its own sake, not simply the ability to respond to incentives a company offers, is the kind of motivation that is essential for leadership. Strive to position yourself for success by motivating your self to accomplish certain goals rather than simply acting on orders.


The ability to relate to other is the cornerstone for every great leader. in addition to all other traits, this trait is needed for dealing with others. Empathy is the starting line, taking account the feelings of others when making decisions as opposed to taking on everyone’s troubles.

Social Skill

All traits base on this ability. The capacity to build understanding or relationship with others, to get people to cooperate and to direct them in the direction you desire is gold that every leader should have. Do not try to sociable whilst you lack components of emotional intelligence, you likely to fail. Social skill is friendliness with a purpose not just because you have to.

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