The Laws Of Money

The Laws Of Money

We all want money and we want to be rich and successful. Success does not happen over night. There are lots of things that one has to do in order to obtain success. It is a result of hard work, principles and laws applied over a period of time. Brian Tracy came up with 21 absolutely unbreakable laws of money. Today we will look at four of them.

1. The Law of cause & effect.

Everything happens for a reason. There is a cause for every effect. Every action has an effect. If you decide to reasonably spend your money today you will be happy with the results in the long run. But if one fails to plan for their finances and spend it all without saving or investing in the long run the effects will be negative.

2. The Law of Belief

It is believed that people always act a manner that is consistent with their beliefs especially beliefs about themselves and money. A person rejects information that contradicts with what they believe in. This happens whether the beliefs are based on facts or not. For example there are people that believe in taking each day as it comes, they don’t want to save. Once they hear information on Saving they automatically reject it. The best belief that one can have is that they are destined to be a success financially. Say no to self limiting beliefs!

3. Expectations

Whatever you expect with confidence becomes your own self fulfilling prophesy. You are always acting as a fortune teller in your own life by the way you think and talk about how things are going to turn out. You attract what you expect. Expect the best of yourself. Imagine that you have unlimited abilities and that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind too. Your future is limited on your imagination. Imagine yourself being financially successful and you will start thinking of strategies of getting to where your imagination is.

4. The Law of Attraction

You are a living magnet, you invariably attract into your life people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with dominant thoughts. This is of the greatest laws that explains much on success and failure in terms of business and personal life. When you develop a burning desire for financial success and think about it most of your time, a force field of positive emotional energy that attracts people, ideas and opportunities into your life to help you make your goals into realities is created. Do a self introspection on your financial life today and see how it harmonise with your thinking.
What is your Monetary flow of thinking and what are you going to do about it?

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