#SaveWater Twitterchat for National Water Week

#SaveWater Twitterchat for National Water Week
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a noise as possible, to raise awareness about the water crisis and to encourage individuals, households and businesses to #SaveWater.

We would love for you to co-host our #SaveWater Twitterchat on 22 March at 12h00.

The aim of this Twitterchat is to:

• Increase local awareness about the water crisis
• Promote the idea of “water saving” as it pertains to individuals, households and businesses
• Generate as many easy-to-employ ideas as possible for saving water at home, in the garden, or at the

Chat schedule

@2OceansAquarium will start the Twitterchat by introducing you, our co-host, and then we will post the first question:

Question 1: How do you #SaveWater in the bathroom?

Please retweet Q1 from @2OceansAquarium either unedited or with your answer. Feel free to provide as
many answers/practical tips as you can!

An example of a possible answer:

  • Put a bucket in the shower and use that for flushing!


We will engage (reply, comment, retweet) with your responses as well as those of our audience. Please do
the same where you feel it is appropriate.


Question 2: How do you #SaveWater in the kitchen?

Same process as above. Retweet question with or without comment and add your own ideas/tips. We will also be supplying our own ideas.


Question 3: How do you #SaveWater in the garden?


Question 4: How do you #SaveWater in the office or at your company/business?

Same process as above.

12h55: @2OceansAquarium thanks co-hosts

Tips & tricks for the uninitiated

  • Please provide context for your followers before the Twitterchat starts. You are welcome to just retweet the @2OceansAquarium posts, or alternatively write your own tweets and please feel free to use
    and share the digital flyer attached to this email.
  • You may want to pre-write and –schedule responses in order to free up your time to engage during the
  • When the chat starts, follow #SaveWater on Twitter by clicking on the hashtag or searching “#SaveWater”.
  • If using Tweetdeck/Hootsuite you can open a new column, or open a new tab if you’re on a browser.
  • Add a full stop (.) before the @ if you’re starting a tweet with an @mention. If you don’t, Twitter will treat this tweet as a reply and it will only show up to mutual followers.
  • Images are welcome! You can also tag Twitter accounts in the image if you’re using a browser.
  • If you use a pic, keep it under 2MB.
  • Retweet and respond to relevant tweets; ask questions and engage. Replies can only be seen by mutual followers, so add the “.” before the reply or RT and quote the tweet if you want all your followers to see the exchange.
  • Please feel free to share the ways in which you #SaveWater in your daily life.
  • Keep it positive and encouraging!

Source: #SaveWater Twitterchat for National Water Week


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