The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

The greatest business empires are summed up by this one word! It is clearly critical that one masters this ethos to achieve success. Focus can be defined as an unwavering resolve to achieve something with intolerance for anything that may impede achievement of this goal.

In most cases Entrepreneurs have a grand vision of where they want to be but lack the ability to direct all resources i.e. mental capacity and financial towards achieving it. Focus is underlain by a couple of key essentials which we’ll share today.

1. Having an ultimate vision & mission for the Business or for your life.

It’s funny how people have loose and undefined visions of being the great but do not have a clearly defined destination. The most successful entities have clearly defined visions and missions i.e. Delta Beverages, Virgin Group, Apple to name but a few. One can never ride a train or bus without a defined destination. Why then should they buy in to what you are doing when it lacks direction?

2. Have specific Goals and actually work towards them!

The ability to write out detailed strategic plans is the first step towards getting results. The goals should be specific, achievable, time framed and realistic e.g. “to sell 500 units of my product monthly”. As individual business people one must be realistic and not draw castles in the air based on attachment to the business but based on market intelligence, core competencies and market presence.

3. Have a plan on how to it

It is critical to get into the nuts and bolts of how you will do it .e.g “the sale of 500 units” highlights the areas in the city or country to be targeted. Questions are you doing personal selling? Where will you advertise and how often? Where will you sell and when?

4. Actually do the work to achieve the goal and track real time progress

It’s characteristic for most to do the planning element but never getting down to doing the actual work as procrastination sets in. Break the habit and start doing something now.

5. Evaluate progress at set intervals and look at how you can improve performance

The greatest ability one can have is to seek out ways to be better and being able to navigate a volatile, unpredictable business environment.

6. Don’t give up

Its critical to continue to persevere in pushing towards the vision and let in only constructive criticism from valid source.Ignore the rest of the madding crowd and pursue the price.

Success is not the absence of failure but the ability to see the ultimate goal and push towards its achievement and focus. and discipline are critical to this.Stay focused and you will ultimately get to your vision and be willing to sacrifice.Remember no pain no gain.

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