3 Master Keys Of Strategy

3 Master Keys Of Strategy

Sales and marketing are perhaps the two high order processes that drive a business. Without these there is no business. I have compiled 3 more simple tools for sharpening the arc of Sales and Marketing in your business. If you hadn’t read Part 1 you can read it here first.

Key 4
Review and Document Your Sales Process

Is your sales process set up to close the quality and quantity of customers you need to reach your company’s growth goals? Does everyone on your sales team follow the same process for qualifying and nurturing prospects? Is your process documented? Is your CRM (customer relationship management) system set up to support your process efficiently and effectively? Could you be using any automated tools to make your process more efficient?

Document any issues you uncover while you’re reviewing your collateral, processes, and templates. Look for “dark pools”—areas of your process where prospects or customers get lost or ignored due to lack of time/energy/resources.

Key 5
Document Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Prioritize the issues you’ve identified and develop a phased approach to tackling them over the next four quarters. Depending on the issues you’ve identified, you may need to develop tactical plans for content marketing, social media, lead generation, lead nurturing, or account development.

Key 6
Track Your Progress and Evolve Your Tactics

Make sure you have defined metrics for measuring success, and have assigned individual team members to be accountable for solving each issue. Set up regular meetings to review progress, identify and solve issues, and align activities across teams. Learn from your mistakes and victories, and evolve your tactics as needed to maintain your traction!

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