Chaos Reigns Supreme in Zimbabwe Cricket

Chaos Reigns Supreme in Zimbabwe Cricket

Chaos and mayhem have continued to haunt the beleaguered Zimbabwe Cricket after a recent fallout with senior players. Much of the problems are emanating from unpaid salaries and winning bonuses amongst others.

Senior players like Taylor, Raza, Cremer, Ervine amongst many others have seemingly been dropped from the triangular series involving Pakistan, Australia and Zimbabwe as the hosts.

Having recently failed to qualify for next year’s world cup by a whisker, the sport further sunk in turmoil.
Tatenda Taibu, former captain and now convener selectors tweeted in dismay at how the board’s actions. This includes leaving out some players (Taylor) out of the series because of their attempt at forming a players union to protect their interests.

“What is this? @BrendanTaylor86 tries to do the right thing by helping to set up a players union, which all the other countries have. What do the selectors and ZC do, exclude him from the series. Shame on ZC. Everything that has a beginning has an end,” tweeted Taibu.

Taibu on his relationship with the ZC board was also quoted saying

“You know the saying; birds of a feather flock together? I could never flock with them.”

What’s needed now is for all heads to come together for the betterment of the sport which is following the Kenyan route if not urgently addressed. Reports are that some fellow journalists are now being threatened and have had their accreditation revoked due to their coverage of the fan’s protest at the recently ended Tri series Tourney. Placards were shown and some stands were even empty as fans protested at how the gentleman’s game was being run by the Harare offices.

“Desperation is when a Media & Communications manager threatens to withdraw accreditation to a journalist because they covered fans protesting & sat where fans were speaking about their issues. Do we come to stadium to sit in media room or cover events at match?” Yvone Mangunda tweeted.

As expected from the weak squad, the team failed to win a single match during the tri-series and fans watched in awe as yet another dreadful performance was put up.

Is there a newfound need to save the game from itself?

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