Introducing #Branducation with Leon Chinyanga

Introducing #Branducation with Leon Chinyanga

As we begin this journey – and I say ‘journey’ because branding is neither a Sprint nor a Marathon, it is a constant state of BECOMING because no matter how much your brand is built it will need constant Development to maintain it and build It some more.

I ask that you prepare yourself, keep an open mind, and be willing to put the time in.

Building your brand is like Body Building; it needs constant attention. You need to watch your diet, stick to your regiment and actually do something when you get in the gym. No matter how much you read about sit-ups, squats, lunges, and running. That will do nothing for your body 🤷🏽‍♂ up till you GET TO WORKING THAT KNOWLEDGE ACCORDINGLY.

In the beginning, getting started will need the most energy, discipline and sacrifice. It will be painful to adjust from old habits, it will be harder to create new ones. However, they will all work in your favour when your brand attracts the rewards you gave up so much to attain.✨

Most of the issues I will touch on will have a lot of my playful, crazy and somewhat “childish” 🤷🏽‍♂😂 as some would say personality coming through them. This is because I want to keep this is fresh as possible but most importantly I want to be as Authentic as possible at every point. 💞 – RULE # 1: BE AUTHENTIC.

This piece is just to prepare you as we enter this state of BECOMING, together.

In it, we will touch on so many issues:

  • voice
  • message
  • vision
  • communication
  • design
  • fundamentals etc.

And we will do these in a process, I do not believe in skipping steps as we will have to pay the consequences in the future.

I hope you find the things I share helpful, insightful and still empowering. But most of all I Hope you act upon the ideas I share even though it may be one small step.

Thank you for choosing to hear the little I have to contribute to your Greatness of tomorrow ✨ because most or in fact all of the work and power is in your hands!!

Let’s make the world obsessed with us!!

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