Personal Brand, 3 Cs Of Personal Branding : Part 2

Personal brand

In part one, we spoke about why one needs a personal brand. We then looked at how to build a personal brand and here, we expand further on that.

If the phrase “Perception is reality” was true in the ’80s, then the equivalent today would be “Google is reality”

Why do you need a personal brand?

Here are 3 extra keys to building a personal brand.

  1.  Credibility

It’s important to be yourself. Today, authenticity shines through the boredom of sameness. Have the courage to embrace the things that make you unique. What differentiates you from your peers is exactly the message that will hit home with the decision-makers you’re trying to influence.

  1.  Core message

What is going to be your core message? You need to become known as a leader or expert of something. One way to find out what that something is to ask yourself this question : “If I were going to teach a group of colleagues something, what would I be best qualified to teach them?” Let your core message reverberate through all your communications.

  1.  Care 

Care for the people you are connected to. It’s more than business. It’s building relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. I see in my life three different levels of people. My inner circle is a smaller group of close business acquaintances. I like to catch up with them regularly for coffee and lunch. My medium circle is in the hundreds and so I try to communicate often with them through email, SMS and phone.

We are CEOs of ourself and then of our company. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

In conclusion, regularly monitor your personal brand with passion. Personal branding is the single most powerful thing you will ever do for your career. It’s more significant than a masters or Doctoral degree, it’s more powerful than a billionaire father, and it’s more important than having a three letter .com domain.



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