Vic Falls: Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe Postpones Re-opening

Victoria Falls' Lookout Cafe Postpones Reopening

During the festive season of 2018; the Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe was engulfed in a fire as a result of an electric fault. Despite having lost thousands of dollars worth of property, the Wild Horizons team announced their plans to reopen the establishment in July 2019.

Unfortunately, in a recent announcement, the scheduled reopening has been postponed to September.

“While we have been working tirelessly on the reconstruction of this iconic restaurant, due to circumstances beyond our control. The process has encountered numerous hindrances along the way. For this reason, we have regretfully had to postpone the opening date,” said the statement.

Perched on the rim of the Batoka Gorge, Wild Horizons Lookout Café gained its popularity for its fusion of spectacular views and exquisite food. From it, one can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Victoria Falls Bridge and Batoka Gorges.

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