#Branducation : Building An Emotional Connection

Introducing #Branducation with Leon Chinyanga

Welcome back! I hope you’ve read our introduction here.

The first step when Branding is to understand one powerful truth:


We associate ourselves with things that make us happy, we stay away from things that make us sad, we do anything to make us feel good, we watch funny videos because they make us laugh, we share sad emotional videos because of how they touch us, we follow certain accounts because of what they make us feel even though we may not admit it. Psht we even vote based on how we believe we will feel if the dreams we are sold by politicians materialize and we are quick to MARCH through the streets the moment those emotions are satisfied.

The beautiful thing, however, is that humans will never just acknowledge that their heartbeats their brain in most the making of decisions 🤔🤷🏽‍♂but well that doesn’t change anything. Humans are a lot less rational than they think they are. And here I am sounding like I’m talking about humans like I’m not one of them!! – aliens exist in the form of Leon!

Now for a moment, please may the rest of you humans – 🤔 – think about why you make decisions around where and why you spend your money.

Now you can freely acknowledge that

“Damn! Leon is right!”

In conclusion, if you didn’t acknowledge that truth, continue to think about the reasons you give something your attention. Why you follow certain accounts on Instagram, why you buy certain clothes, why you eat at a certain restaurant, why you like a certain car etc.

And we will pick it up again from there.


Main Take Away:




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