President Mnangagwa Further Opens Up the Economy

Informal Sector Needs Protection: ZIMCODD

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has further opened the economy to allow the informal sector to start operating.

The government had allowed the manufacturing sector to start operating in a lockdown, but the informal sector to continue closed in the lockdown extended to indefinite.

“Although our lockdown remains at Level 2, let us begin to further open up, remembering that we all have a role to play,” the President said.

“Government, hand in hand with an empowered private sector, will do all in its power to open up the economy, to provide the jobs and the opportunities the people of Zimbabwe so richly deserve.”

The Zimbabwean leader also discussed the government reforms and said as Zimbabwe was opening up both internally and externally, the country was forced, like much of the world to close.

“Likewise, the creation of jobs, the commitment to new opportunities for our talented youth, must once again be driven to the top of our agenda. We cannot and will not allow the period of COVID-19 to appear in our history books as anything more than a mere hurdle which we jumped over  along  the path to prosperity.” he said.

“As your President, I commit that we will work twice as hard, work with promise and purpose, to improve your lives, and to give your children a better future. It is time to accelerate our development. From the pains of the pandemic, we must now find new impetus in rebuilding. The liberalisation of our economy must continue in earnest. This includes the privatisation of bloated state industries which must now be expedited. Investment commitments must now be turned into tangible jobs. Our creative people must be allowed to grow and prosper.”

“Reforms, stuck in the wheels of bureaucracy, must be unleashed, catalysed and implemented. The time for action is now. However, as the workforce is slowly released from a painful lockdown, let us remember that we are not returning to the old normal, but to a very NEW normal which must cause each and every one of us to rethink our lives. How we communicate, how we do business, how we meet and greet, and how we protect the health of our neighbours, our family, and indeed ourselves,” he went on.

The African leader announced the following adjustments

  1. All our people in the informal sector, who have not formally registered themselves or their enterprises, are directed to do so forthwith. Once they can prove that such registration has been made, they can resume their operations. Upon resuming their work, they are compelled to adhere to the laid down COVID-19 prevention requirements, such as the wearing of masks, washing or sanitization of hands and social distancing.
  2. Gathering for purposes of worship must remain at a maximum of fifty and in full compliance with all the COVID-19 prevention measures.
  3. People are urged to travel when it is absolutely necessary.
  4. The moratorium on rent payment, made during the early phases of the lockdown is hereby lifted. Rent arrears can be settled in instalments spread over a period of six months.
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