Zimbabwe Has USD$ 6 Billion In Energy Projects Vacancy Costs

Energy and Power Development Deputy Minister Tsitsi Muzenda (Image Credit: Ian Mapira)

The vacancy costs of energy projects are on the margin of  USD$ 6 billion, Energy and Power Development Deputy Minister Tsitsi Muzenda has revealed.

Muzenda who was speaking during the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) Conference on Women in Energy, said that women have a share to benefit from the projects.

“There are opportunities in energy for women to invest either as owners or participants or generating energy or  as contractors or offering services” said the Energy Deputy Minister.

Energy projects include Hwange 7 and 8, Batoka Hydro electric and also the Gwanda solar projects among others.

Muzenda also said that women can also venture into fuel supply where female participation is low in the country.

“One can be an importer, distributor or retailer, that is operating a service station,” said Deputy Minister.

“Further many households are now using L. P. gas for cooking and I implore you to venture into this business”.

Women are currently behind in terms of business despite the having the largest population compared to their male counterparts.

Zimbabwe which is currently importing energy from South Africa has got the potential to supply 10,000-gigawatt hours of energy per year in renewable resources.

The country has got around 60% of its population not connected to the national grid.


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